Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Mini Guide to ALWAYS Kissable Lips!

Before I start, yeah I know I'm a bad blogger. School and life in general just caught up with me and this blog took a back seat (again). Sometimes my brain genuinely runs out of things to blog about - so, if you have any things or topics that you'd like me to cover, comment below!

With winter comes a lot of different things - snow, cold weather, hockey and if you're me, insanely chapped lips. When I say chapped, I mean to the point of bleeding. It's absolutely horrible and it's something that I always try to prevent from happening. This post just includes some of the things that I use to keep my lips 'always kissable'. These are what I'd consider to be some holy grail products!

  1. Blistex Lip Medex - I use this stuff religiously when my lips get to the point of bleeding. This would be considered the first step in repairing. Although it does burn a little, I promise you it works and it repairs your lips to what they used to be. One thing, try as hard as you can not to pick the dead/dry skin from your lips. I know it might be tempting, and I do it too, but it really delays the process and creates open vessels for unwanted icky things to seep into. I apply this stuff morning and night and wear it alone. It's especially great if you are heading outside in this polar vortex weather!
  2. LUSH Lip Scrub - pictured is Santa's, which is cola flavoured, but any lip scrub will do. To use, I take a pea sized amount and smudge it all over my lips. Using an old toothbrush, I gently rub the scrub onto my lips for a generous amount of time. If you don't have an old toothbrush, just smush your lips together as if you were applying lipstick. Rinse (or lick) off. A fairly coarse sugar scrub is great for getting rid of the dead skin without causing bleeding. 
  3. EOS Lip Balm in Blueberry/Acai - these little things are rich with jojoba and vitamin e. Great for when you're in a rush leaving the house or just to keep in your bag. They're in a neat little sphere shape and this makes applying them super easy. Plus the flavours are delicious. 
  4. Vaseline Lip Therapy - If you prefer the more traditional route, Vaseline makes these little mini tubs specially formulated for your lips. I apply this right before I go to bed and wake up with definite softer lips. If you can't find the lip therapies, just use plain old Vaseline!