Tuesday, August 7, 2012

VS Yoga!

I went shopping a last week and I'll slowly get around to posting the photos of all the items I purchased. I love VS Pink yoga pants. They are by far the comfiest and they really don't cost that much. Since I only had one other pair that was looking pretty worn in, I decided to buy some new ones. I went with the boot cut yoga pants with a pink band. They're pretty simple, but I'll probably end up wearing them all around my dorm in the Fall.

What I love about these yoga pants is mostly the material. It's not see through like the material you get from some places (Aerie for example) and it stretches really nicely. Great for working out but that's what they're supposed to be! They cost 39.50$ CAD. I'm not sure what the prices are like in the States but most likely a little bit cheaper. 

Not even going to lie, this little free dog that you got with purchase was the main reason that I ended up buying something. I'll probably go back and pick up some undies and various other t-shirts. What are your dorm essentials? Yoga pants? Shorts? 


  1. Agree ^ I always try and scope to find out when they are giving them out. I live the yoga pants I actually wear mine a work all the time. Their V- Necks with that see through ish pattern are my favorite & the most comfy

  2. I love Victoria's secret! cannot wait for stores to start opening up in the UK! xoxo

  3. those are super cute. i usually buy sweatpants from aerie because they're really soft inside and it keeps me warm. i should start picking up some yoga pants because those are also comfortable!

  4. Everything is so adorable<33
    I really want to try VS pink yoga pants.

    xoxo Thania