Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Guide to Pearly Whites

White teeth are something that everyone strives to have. They make any person ten times more confident in their smile. As someone who is super anal about her teeth, I like to ensure that I always have the brightest and whitest smile possible. 

I've been using the above routine for a while now and I've found that it really works well and keeps my teeth as white as I like them to be. Plus, all of the products are available from your drugstore!

My everyday toothpaste is Crest 3D White Luxe in Glamorous White. It has a refreshing minty flavour and is said to brighten after just one use. I find that claim a little bit over the top, but it will make your smile sparkle after one use. With regular use (2 times day), I noticed a whiter smile after just one week. You can find it at your drug store (mine is Shoppers Drug Mart) for $5.99. I pick mine up whenever they go on sale! 

Whitening treatments at your dentist can sometimes be expensive. I find that these Creat 3D White Whitestrips give me dentist results at home! They are on the pricey side, $80 for the Professional Effects shown above but in my books they are worth every penny. Plus, you don't need to to purchase them often. The Whitestrips are applied two times a day for 30 minutes. These ones are really sticky when applied and I find that I can even drink water with them on. After you take the strips off, the instructions say not to brush immediately. I find it's best to do these midday when I have some time in between classes. 

A brighter and whiter smile isn't something that is unattainable. With regular dental care and brushing, you can have a movie star smile in a few weeks. These are definitely just some of the many products that are out there that work for me. If there's any other products that you love for keeping your smile white, let me know!

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  1. I do have to agree with you, Hayley. Teeth whitening can really be expensive, but I think it will always be worth the expense. Let’s face it, more employers actually discriminate people based on the color of their teeth. Haha! It really shows that you take care of your oral health better than how others take care of theirs.
    Javier Portocarrero