Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How To: Making Your Mani Last

It's happened to all of us, you decide on a colour, sit down and spend 30 minutes painting your nails to perfection. You follow all the manicure rules: a basecoat, the colour, and a topcoat. You let your nails dry and go on with your day. When suddenly, your polish chips. If you're like me, you lose it a little bit. All that time and effort and your polish is ruined just like that. 

These are some of the tips and tricks that I use to ensure that my manicure lasts me the entire week. I like to put my nails through some rough stuff, and this method ensures that my manicure remains (as I like to say) compliment worthy! 

Before you even begin to paint your nails, you're going to need a great base. This starts with a healthy nail. One of my go to products for quicker growth and strengthening of my nails is OPIs Nail Envy. Nail Envy comes in a variety of different types. Pick which best suits your nail problems. Nail Envy works best when in direct contact with the nail. The instructions say to apply 2 coats of Nail Envy on the first day and then one coat of the product every other day. After one week, remove the product and start over if you wish. I prefer to use the Nail Envy on it's own and let my nails have a little rest during the week. 

If you want to skip the regrowth and strengthening part and get straight to the manicure, then this is for you. These little buffers are essential in the longevity of your manicure. I picked up these from Target for $3.99. One side has a slight buffing surface while the back side has a shiny surface. On a clean nail, buff the surface using the blue side until your nail is slightly rough. This will help the polish stick to the base of your nail without the use of a basecoat. It is crucial that you do not use a nail file to buff your nails. You will ruin their surface and cause more problems than necessary! 

Next up is painting your nails! Pick your favourite colour, or colours and follow the instructions below to get the perfect flawless colour: 
  1. Start by placing a dot of colour along the bottom part of your nail.
  2. Drag the colour up the center of your nail to the tip, ensuring that the entire middle of your nail is covered with polish. 
  3. Continue from the bottom up the right side of the nail.
  4. Ensure that the polish covers the entire right side of your nail up to the tip. 
  5. Repeat these steps for the left side of your nail. 
  6. A completed nail should be fully covered in polish. If needed, apply 2-3 additional coats until the polish is to your liking. 

If you're like me and you're completely unable to wait for your nails to dry completely, these little drops will be a lifesaver. Essence's Nail Art Express Dry Drops are available for $2.99 at Shoppers Drug Marts in Canada or ULTA in the United States. One drop applied to the nail after they are freshly painted dries them instantly! 

Finish up by applying your favourite top coat. Mine happens to be Seche Vite Dry Fast. It's a great gel like formula that dries in seconds and is pretty resistant to anything. I like to apply a large amount on each of my fingers so that it's pretty thick. The product leaves your nails super shiny and covered.

And that's how you give yourself a manicure that will last the entire week! These are pretty much anything proof. The key in a long lasting manicure is really the base. I've found that buffing my nails makes all the difference in the world. The polish sinks into the nail and the rough surface helps the adhesion. Definitely give these tips a try if you're looking for a flawless mani! 

P.S. Let me know how these tips work for you! Show me your fancy manicures!

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