Sunday, May 27, 2012

Don't Forget Your Face!

The weather has been absolutely crazy for this time of year. It's only May and we've already seen temperatures upwards from 30 degrees! For all you Americans out there, that's in Celsius and yes, that's very warm! I always tend to neglect my face when it comes to sunscreen and sun protection. It's just so easy to forget when you have make up on and are heading out to catch some rays. A little while ago, I was experiencing a bout of dry skin. I suffer from eczema pretty bad. It runs in the family and is common in those who experienced childhood asthma (ie. me). So, I hit up Shoppers Drug Mart in search of a higher end cream that would get rid of the horrible flaky's that never failed to ruin my make up. 

I ended up with this cream by Nivea. The pot is made of glass and it is extremely sturdy. If you do drop it, you won't get shattered glass. Rather a large noise. The cream is thick. Something that is different than a lotion. It's definitely higher quality stuff. What really sold me, was the fact that it had SPF 15. This is a huge plus. I've been using this everyday before I apply my powder foundation and it really takes your mind of having to worry about applying a sun screen all the time. However, if you are planning on being outside for a while, I'd really recommend applying another coat of sun screen on top.

I think it cost me somewhere in the 15-20$ range but it is well worth the price. Nivea also has a line of night creams, but like I said, you can just use this one for night time. I believe the only difference is the night time one is more regenerating. Definitely worth a try! 


  1. great review! xx

  2. Love the review and the new blog, Hayley!

    Do you know if this product would be okay for combination skin?

    Thank you!

    1. I have oily combo skin and it works perfect! Thanks!