Friday, July 13, 2012

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My laptop is nearing the end of its days. Thank goodness I'm going to be getting a brand new one (perhaps a MacBook?) in the upcoming weeks. My life as of late has been fairly boring. It's summertime and I've been doing some serious relaxing. 

The other day, I went to some outlet malls and came out with a brand new pair of Sperry Top-Sider's. They are super cute but right now, not so comfortable. You really need to work them in before you're able to wear them without socks. For now though, I've just been wearing some super low cut, thin Lululemon socks. I also tied the laces using barrel knots! 

After shopping, we headed out to a local Italian restaurant which is so good. I had a bottle of San Pel, caesar salad and some stuffed shells. The meal was so big and it lasted me a good two days. It was so good and definitely beats the heck out of going to the Olive Garden. 

Today I stopped by Starbucks to pick up my free Refresher. I decided to try the Cool Lime Refresher. It almost tastes like a mojito minus the alcohol! Tasty! I actually went into my herb garden and grabbed some mint and crushed it up to toss in the drink to make it taste more mojito-y. If you're looking for a virgin alternative to one of my favourite drinks, definitely try this one by Starbucks! 

I've been seeing these cute little Helloberry bracelets all over the place and decided that there was no way that I was going to dish out almost 30$ for some plastic lace bracelet. Sorry, but they really are not worth that much money. Me being the DIY'er that I am, I headed out to Michaels and picked up some craft lace and chain and started to tinker around myself. The end result was a modest, somewhat Helloberry looking bracelet that cost a fraction of the price. Since yesterday, my skills have already started to improve and now I'm looking into selling them for around 10$ once I get more supplies in! 

P.S. If you really want to go and laugh at some ridiculous prices, check out Bfrend bracelets! I am honestly just going to warn you now! Do not spend this kind of money for these bracelets! The most you should spend is 15$, not even!

What do you think? Would you buy some of my Helloberry inspired bracelets? 

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  1. I'm glad someone agrees with me!
    $45.00 for a plastic bracelet. That ridiculous.
    I'd buy some of your bracelets! They look identical. I wish i could learn to make some though.