Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Room Revamp (In Progress)

Once again I find myself apologizing for the lack of posts on this blog. For a few moments, I thought that I'd be moving back over to Tumblr but then I realized that they removed the option to code a theme using the original style and that really threw me for a loop! Life has been pretty busy at the moment. In between work and all sorts of other little things that seem to be taking up my time I've barely been paying any attention to my blogs. Right now, both of them are feeling seriously neglected. 

Currently, I'm working on revamping my room. If you follow me on Instagram (@wonderfullifee), you would have seen the photo I posted of the disaster that was my bedroom. I had shopping bags strewn all over the floor and my desk was covered in heaps of clothing. After a whole day, I managed to rediscover my desk underneath all of the junk and my vanity area. 

As of right now, everything is a work in progress. I have this hideous carpet in my room that I'm planning on pulling out next week. It's seriously driving my allergies crazy. The copious number of shopping bags that I hoard have found their way into these cute and cheap frames from the dollar store. Also, I invested in some simple storage containers that stack and hold all of my hair brushes and extra hair products that I don't use on a daily basis. They also serve as little shelves to hold perfumes and body sprays!

These DIY glitter brush holders have got to be my new favourite thing! I can't stop making them! They are made using the glass container that houses candles. Plus, they are beyond easy to make. The tutorial was done by Miss. Glamorazzi on YouTube and they have become a staple in my room. I'm constantly burning all of my candles to try and use them up so I can make more. 

My room is definitely still a HUGE work in process. I have pictures to hang, walls to paint and carpet to pull. I'll probably end up pulling my hair our however, from all of the stress that this is going to cause me! 


  1. I'm doing my bedroom up as well. It seems like such a misson, but the end result will be worth it! I found a glitter container DIY like that and was going to make some to house flickering LED tea lights. Please keep us updated on your room, i'd love some more ideas!

  2. I love the DIY glitter brush holders! I made my own brush holders as well. I bet your room is gonna look great when its all done, the dresser looks really nice now!

  3. I saw that tutorial as well and I've literally been burning this one candle day and night so that I can make one too!