Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bad Blogger and Mini Haul

First off, sorry for the extreme lack of posting! I'm in the middle of my exams and my graduation is next week so I'm a little tied up and focused on doing well on my exams! Wish me luck! 

Moving on, I went shopping a little while ago because I needed to pick up a few things and well, I ended up picking more than what I had hoped on buying. We actually ended up at the mall until 9:45. Totally lost track of time!

Victoria's Secret was having their semi-annual sale. I picked up two undies from their VS Pink line. The leopard print ones are just basic bikini style but if you know me, you'll know that I love leopard print! The second pair is a bright yellow and made specifically for wearing underneath a yoga pant! They're great because they don't give you an underwear line and if you're like me (a thong hater), these are the perfect alternative! These were practically a steal at 3$ each. 

Next up was Sephora. I still had 60$ remaining on a gift card from there so I picked up a few things. I was sort of unimpressed with the makeup but then again, I really do not need any more makeup. The smell of Philosophy's Pink Frosted Animal Cracker body was is divine. I don't know if it smells like animal crackers, but the pink frosting is definitely evident. I've also never seen this 'flavour' before. 

P.S. A little tip. If you want to substitute this stuff as shampoo, do it! Your hair will smell amazing and it surprisingly gives a great clean! I do it all the time!

Lastly, was LUSH. Once again I had difficulties picking something out. I ended up with one bath bomb and one bubble bar that I refuse to take a picture of because it is FILLED with glitter. The one above is Mrs. Whippy. Scent wise, it was awesome. The entire thing smelled of strawberry ice cream. When you first pop it into your bath, you think it's going to be quite dull but out of no where, this bright pink inside pops out and changes your bath water into a neon pink! I was quite disappointed with the fizzy power of my bomb though. I think perhaps I got a bad batch! Nevertheless, it worked wonders and made my skin feel super soft.

I promise everyone that I will get back into the blogger mood shortly! I just need to finish this last exam! 

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  1. I understand the whole exam phase! I went through that last month. Just focus and doing good in school<3
    I love everything you bought! You have a great sense of shopping I wish we could shop together.

    I really want to try lush products but I don't have a bathtub! *cries*... lol Maybe I'll try their lip & face products.

    Thanks for the lovely post!

    xoxo Thania