Saturday, June 2, 2012

New Baby!

I should not be allowed to go shopping by myself. I have a horrible shopping addiction and I just end up buying things that I don't need. I own a perfectly good Nikon D3000 but decided that I was going to go ahead and buy this cute little Samsung PL210 point and shoot camera. 

I've been thinking about investing in a P&S camera for a while. Although I love my Nikon to the moon and back, It's not the most portable camera. There's nothing quite like making everyone wait until I've set up the DSLR and gotten everything ready before I can even take a picture and I've missed countless moments because it takes quite some time to get ready. 

This camera was regularly 180$ CAD but was on sale for 130$. However, I ended up paying 99$ because it was the 'open box' camera. This essentially means that it's the one that they have on display for people to try out and stuff. It was actually a great deal because it's still covered under the warranty for one year and you can still return/exchange it. The only little thing is that there's a small scratch on the screen but it's really no big deal when I think of how much I saved. 

The camera itself is great. The photos come out fantastic and it performs really well in two of my most commonly used shooting situations: low light and macro. The only flaw in the camera for me is the fact that it doesn't use a normal SD memory card. I actually have to go out and buy a MicroSD to fit into the slot. So for now, I can only take a limited number of photos until I managed to hit up Future Shop again. 

I'm really happy with my buy considering the deal and the product that I ended up with. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out how to use the camera which is fantastic, and there are a lot of different modes to suit whatever you're shooting! Definitely a great buy in my books!

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