Monday, June 11, 2012

Review: got2b Powder'ful Volumizing Styling Powder

I have never heard of using powder to style my hair. When you think of styling products, you don't think of using powder to get the look and hold that you're looking for. Last week, I ordered TIGI Candy Fixations Sugar Dust Root Powder after seeing it on Annette's blog (Nettenestea) Since I'm so impatient, I also decided to grab this got2b Volumizing Root Powder from their Powderful line. 

First off, I found this powder at my local Shoppers Drug Mart on sale for $4.99. However, the regular price won't break your bank at $8.99. One tube comes with 10g of product inside which is a fair amount. Don't be alarmed at the light weight of the package. It's filled with product and you do not need a lot to get the job done!

The back of the package boasts that this product is weightless and creates maximum volume at the roots. Also, that you can apply it anywhere for an instant transformation. Sounds good right? Well, I managed to find some flaws. The instructions say to sprinkle a small amount into your palm and rub your hands together. However, when you do this the product becomes sticky and turns your hands into glue like magnets. I've adapted the instructions to just sprinkle into palms and pat onto my hair. 

Once the product is on your hair, you need to work it throughout your roots. You won't be able to run your fingers through your hair as the product feels like glue! My roots were so sticky after I applied. The product did last the entire day and my roots were more voluminous than natural. The root boost is definitely not instant as the instructions say. You almost need to let the product sit for a while and then go back and work your roots. 

After you've finished applying, you are really going to need to wash you hands. So the idea of it being able to be applied any time is not a good one. If you're somewhere without a sink, forget about it and deal with some flat hair. 

While the product does add extra oomph to your hair, it really is a bit of a burden to apply. You do get what you pay for though and if you're on a budget, this product does work. My hair remained voluminous for a while without any hair spray. However, my roots felt sticky and almost gritty. 

I'm looking forward for receiving my Sugar Dust in the mail shortly and will definitely be comparing the two. I'm really disappointed in the Sugar Dust already though! The bottle itself only contains one measly gram of product! That's like, a 1/4 of a teaspoon! For the price I paid, Sugar Dust better be made out of gold!


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