Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Little Shopping Haul

I really need to learn how to save money because I'm honestly horrible at it! I always find myself at the mall when I'm bored and it's not a good habit whatsoever. I did snag some really great items while I was there and these are just a few of them! 

Aerie was having a 40% off everything including clearance sale and my mind goes crazy over those. I picked up this Brooke lightly lined bra for 17$. It's this pretty summer blue colour and if you know me, you know I have a massive bra addiction. However this morning, I found it lying on the floor and my cats had decided they liked it too. All is well and the new bra made it out alive. 

I've also had my eyes on these earrings from American Eagle for a while and finally they went on sale and I grabbed them for only 9$. I've been obsessed with anything rose gold lately and I'm not a huge fan of large earrings. These are just right. 

H&M was actually really awesome this time around. I feel like they go through phases where they put out some awesome collection and then a not so great one. The new concious collection is great and I suggest you all go and check it out. I picked up this sleeveless shirt for 7$ in neon pink. I'm a huge fan of sleeveless shirts because they're so easy to just plop on and go on with your day. I also purchased two new rings. The double headed skull ring is so cute! Both skulls have two black stone eyes. The set also included the double spike ring on the right. It reminds me of the Cartier Juste a Clou collection a bit and I think that's why I was so drawn to it. 

I also picked up some makeup which I'll do another post on! All in all it was a great shopping trip. I picked up a cheap purse as well to hold me off until my Speedy comes! What are some items that you are lusting over right now?


  1. I agree... H&M really can be hit-or-miss!

    Great picks, though. If you find the secret to saving money and cutting down on shopping, let me know. Haha!

    Looking forward to your makeup post. :)


  2. Those rings are so cute! I think I'm gonna have to go to H&M tomorrow and do some damage. Haha! :D