Monday, April 15, 2013

Review: Balea Face and Body Masks

I've been meaning to do a review on these for a while but never really got around to it. The LUSH guide will resume in a little while. I just need to spread out some posts and have a bit of variety. 

Also, sorry for the lack of posts. It was my birthday on Sunday and I was just spending time with my family and friends. It was a fantastic day and I thank everyone for their happy birthday wishes! Another year older!

Balea products have been a long time favourite of mine. They are usually sold in singles but as of late, I've been finding them in packs of five. So far, I've found two different packs of five. The one pictured above is for body while the other one that I received today, is for face. Balea is sold in Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart. I'm unsure where (or if) they are sold in the States. If someone knows, feel free to leave a comment below. Balea pouches like these are usually 3 for 5$ and packs of 5 are 5.99$. 

Each mask is for a different part of your body. My personal favourite is the hair mask. It smells divine and makes my hair super soft. The hydrating face mask is another personal favourite of mine. I tend to use it a lot in the winter time when I have fairly dry skin around my nose and mouth area. Lastly, the smoothing body scrub. Perfect for those days when you find your legs dry and scaly. It contains coarse shells that massage all the icky stuff away. I've yet to try the pore refining mask and the warming foot balm but believe me, I'll definitely be using those up eventually! 

My mom surprised me with these today! She bought the Balea package dedicated entirely to your face. I've already used up the deep cleansing face mask! My skin is so soft and looks so bright and clean! 

If you haven't used any products like this before, I highly recommend you applying a small bit of product onto your arm and doing a test. The last thing you want is to have an allergic reaction to a product like this! 


  1. I want to know where is the company of Balea?

  2. I love this face mask set! I've repurchased a few times! Just found your blog. You should check out your blog would make a wonderful addition to out Canadian beauty blogger directory! :)

  3. Soha...I have only found it in Shoppers Drugmart. I love the face mask and am about to try the hair mask.