Thursday, April 4, 2013

Weekly Instagrams

The first week of April has been the perfect introduction of what is to come this Spring! My birthday is coming up on the 14th and I've been treating myself multiple to little indulgences lately! 
  • I had been lacking in the LUSH department lately so I decided to take a trip to my local LUSH store. One of my all time favourite products from them is the Cupcake Fresh Face Mask. It's chocolate and mint and works wonders on all of those red spots and icky little pimples I sometimes get. I also grabbed two Twilight bath bombs (couldn't resist). 
  • I was able to pick up my Cartier Love ring yesterday and it is amazing. By far one of the highlights of my month. I purchased a size 8 and it fits perfectly on my middle and index fingers. I purchased the rose gold one. It's actually quick thick and sturdy, something I love and need. 
  • Cravings for sushi are always occurring and I didn't have the time to go out to an all you can eat sushi bar, so I picked these up at my grocery store. They were cream cheese, salmon and cucumber and were so refreshing. I love salmon any way so this was definitely the perfect (healthy) treat!
  • Somehow I always find myself at the mall when I'm bored! It was just such a horrible and icky day and I needed to get out and spend it doing something fun, like shopping. You can read all about the things I bought a few posts back. 
  • With Spring comes my favourite flowers, tulips. These yellow ones were calling my name at the grocery store. A tip for making your tulips (or any flowers) last a really long time is to cut the stems, on an angle every few days. By doing this, I can make a bouquet of flowers last as long as 3 weeks! 
  • Lastly, my Michael Kors watch was delivered. It's in rose gold (latest obsession) and matches my ring perfectly. I've been on the hunt for a perfect simple everyday watch and this is definitely it! 

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